Friday, April 23, 2010


The strange thing about my family is that we like maps. It doesn't really matter what type of map it is - political, geophysical, population, ethnic, raw materials, you name it.

The stranger thing is that all of my brothers, including me, will take atlases into the bathroom for a sit down. 

All of us have our preferences. I like to look at (in no particular order):
I am drawn to the Kerguelen Island archipelago. It's down near Antarctica, is not particularly clement, has some active volcanoes, and I've no idea why I'm fascinated with it, or the Indian Ocean.

I also like:

I like to pretend I can go down there, to the bottom of the ocean, and walk about without protection, with millions of pounds of water on top of me. In reality, it's silly. I'd be crushed like a bug, and couldn't see anything anyway. But I like the idea of tramping about on the ocean floor.

Here's one I'm completely mystified about as to why I like it, or why I would like to go there:

Honestly, why the hell would I want to go there? It's a freaking war zone, or should be. I might as well go to the Balkans while I'm at it. I think maybe I'm fascinated because it the Caucasus region consists of mountains and valleys, and every valley contains a whole different ethnicity. Kind of like New Guinea. I know we think they are all swarthy unwashed mustachioed characters with stinky yogurt breath, but I still think it would be interesting.

Second to last of the list:

I know Spain is the #1 tourist attraction in the world. I don't know how popular Galicia, the northwest corner, is, and the funny thing is, I don't even want to go there. I just like looking at the map.

And lastly (though the list is nowhere near complete):

This is a place I'd like to go to I think. The Baltic Sea Basin, and pretty much most of the countries that border it. I been to some places there and don't really need to go back. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany. There are places I don't want to visit anyway. Poland, Russia, Estonia. That leaves Lithuania, Finland, Latvia. I'd kind of like to go there. But I won't be heartbroken if I don't. 

I got maps to take me there.   

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  1. I went to a person's house once and one of the rooms, the walls were literally papered in maps. It was very cool.

    I like maps. I have a very cool map of Texas and of the night sky and of the moon.

    I had a dream once that I could breathe water. It was so real that for a long time I actually believed I could.