Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Finally, something to write about

Well, I got robbed.

I was working out at the college gym, came back to my locker to find my lock severed by bolt cutters. My wallet is gone. I had about $60 in cash in there. Plus, my credit cards, debit card, library card, driver's license, and worst of all, my social security card.

I am fucked if they have even a smidgen of a brain. I do have identity theft protection on my credit cards, but I don't know what that will do. I'm assuming the thieves will now open up several bank accounts and apply for credit cards under my name.

Oh, it gets better. My bank recently changed hands. They assigned me a new debit card and pin number. Since I had not yet memorized my pin, it was on a slip of paper in my wallet. By the time I called the bank, the thieves had used my card and taken out $200.

Actually, that might be a good sign. If they were smarter, they'd have taken out a lot more. Maybe I don't have to worry about identity theft.

Yeah, right.

So, I'm taking part of the day off tomorrow to file a dispute form with the bank, then over to the license bureau to get a new license, and who the heck knows what else I'll have to do.

I talked to the equipment manager at the gym, while waiting to file the police report, and they said people get ripped off a dozen times a month in the locker room. Well, why don't they let people know? I'd have left my wallet in my office otherwise. Sheesh.

So, now, I'm at my desk, hungry, with no cash, no food at home, pissed off like you would not believe, and really wishing I could punch the shit out the fucking little cocksucking motherfuckers that did this to me.

Hope your day was better.


  1. Get with the credit reporting firms immediately and put a notice with them that they should contact you if anyone tries to open any type account using your ss number...this is very important...

  2. After a visit to the bank to get my account closed, I went to the Experian website and filed an initial fraud alert. Later today, I'll visit the campus cop shop and get a copy of the police report, then file it with the local cops, then go back to experian and file an extended alert.

    Oh, the paperwork nightmare is just beginning...

  3. Good luck...keep a close eye on things for at least a year...