Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Aliens is coming!

Stephen Hawking recently made the news cautioning humanity that it is probably not wise to contact aliens. 

Like we can do anything about it. 

Let's face it, we ain't gonna contact them. They will be in touch with us. In which case, what do you suggest we do? Shun them? Pretend we didn't hear?

You know, I'm not sure when the media crowned Hawking as the Pope of Science, but as long as they've given him the job, I think he should be forced to wear the funny hat. I'm not sure what you call that hat, a mitre? 

And anyway, is  Hawking the Pope of Science because he's crippled and therefore must automatically be a nice guy? The same way Einstein (the last Pope) had funny hair and therefore must have been a dork and therefore was a nice guy as well? And because of that, any silly thing that pops out of their mouths should be taken as, in capital letters, something we Need To Pay Attention  To?

You know what? In capital letters, Fuck That. 

Once an expert starts talking outside of their field of expertise, their opinion is likely no better informed than mine. So, Steve, that's nice about the aliens and all, but, uh, don't you have more important things to do?

And besides, I'm actually quite disappointed with Hawking's lack of vision. Granted, this is all PR for a show produced for the Discovery Channel, so I'm not expecting anything profound or insightful, but still... Come on, Steve.

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  1. Ok, that first sentence made me laugh out loud, loudly. In fact, I'm stealing it. the rest of it was pretty damn good too. You kill me.