Saturday, June 11, 2016

Muhammad Ali

He wasn't bragging, was he? He was a pretty man, and I don't mean that in a faeggy way. I mean it in a human aesthetic way.

So, I think we need to name some stuff for Muhammad Ali.

He was a powerful, principled, and brave man, and so the things we name should reflect that. First thing I would do is rename a lot of stuff name for Ronald Reagan.

Saggy old bag and Muhammad Ali
So, for example, Reagan was a saggy old bag who never wore the pants in his family. Anything that has to do with strength, power, and force projection should not be named after a saggy old bag that never wore the pants.

USS Muhammad Ali (CVN-76)
Take, for example, the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76). Fuck that. Fuck Reagan. Recommission it as the USS Muhammad Ali (CVN-76), because it really does float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!

Also, change the Reagan Washington National Airport to the Muhammad Ali Washington National Airport as a reminder for everyone flying in to DC what this nation is all about, or supposed to be about.

While we are at it, how about we name the International Space Station for Muhammad Ali?

How about you tell me?

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  1. USS Muhammad Ali (CVN-76)


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