Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Jellied And Tentacular Future

Sea lice. Fucking sea lice.

There's an invasion of sea lice going on the Gulf coast beaches right now. Sea lice, of course, are not lice, but baby jellyfish. Currently, if you haven't paying attention, fishes are going away, and jellies and other primitive things are thriving. Want to guess why? Well, a combination of things, overfishing, pollution, global warming.

I know there are primitive types out there who don't believe in global warming, and it is interesting that they couch their statements in terms of belief. Well, folks, it's fucking real, anthropogenic global warming is fucking real, and it is killing the oceans. The oceans are dying.

Is that hyperbole? Of course it is.

The oceans are not dying.

The oceans, instead, are turning into something that we humans will not like, and will have a hard time living next to and deriving a living from. The oceans are increasingly populated by things, slimy, gross, disgusting, inedible things that are perfectly happy living in fucked up, sweltry, oxygen-deprived cesspool conditions. We are driving the oceans back to a pre-oxygen sewer conditions not unlike the upper Hadean.
These isopods are fucking creepy as well

Things like purple bacteria, jellyfish, slime molds, parasites of every stripe and flavor, and they are ready to take over, and all those lovely silver fish and corals and porpoises and whales, and all the things that are delicious to eat will be gone.

And it's our fault.

Good thing is, believe it or not, it's still not too late. But if is too late, go and watch Soylent Green, because so far we are right on schedule for that movie to come to pass.


  1. Synchronicity. I did not know June 8 is #WorldOceansDay.

  2. yes, the planet will survive in a form we will not recognise though we humans may not once we turn back the geological clock.