Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Destroy Destroy.

We've an old electric kiln - Old Fred - that is now useless because power was rerouted to a new vacuum system. Which means the kiln is slated for the junk heap.

Problem: the kiln was installed when the building was built. It will not fit through doors to get it out. Measuring tape determined that if the kiln door were removed and a few jutting-out bits of metal were cut off, the kiln will fit sideways through the doors.
Old Fred

Solution: Remove the kiln door.

Problem: the kiln door weighs 350 lbs. Composed of a metal frame encasing nine-inch thick fire brick.

Solution: Remove fire brick with sledge hammer. Then cart out the brick, ease the door off it's inch-thick metal hinges.


Also, I noticed the one crucible furnace was in need of a reline. Refractory lining is badly eroded and pieces are dropping in the melt. Also, there is so much spilled metal on the bottom that the crucible will float.

Furnace ready for new liner with gas burner in background
Solution: new furnace liner kit which arrived yesterday. I took sledge hammer, crow-bar, super-destroyer rod, and broke the old furnace lining out.
Furnace liner.
Bottom of the furnace.


Boy are my arms tired today.

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