Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Can A President Trump Take On The Deep State?

Short answer? No.

Longer answer? If Trump were able to bump up his IQ and expand his worldview beyond Trump, he might approach the evil genius of Richard M. Nixon, who was the last president caesar to actively control the Deep State. He'd also have to find an equally evil person like Henry Kissinger.

Between the two of them, they managed to tear out all the control wires, short out the circuit boards, blow the fuses, and concentrate control to just the two of them (and their cohort of minions). But I just can't see Trump doing any of that. Nowadays, he has to take on the military/industrial complex, plus Wall Street, plus Silicon Valley. That loosely analogous Venn diagram of the Troika, with the Deep State as intersection.

People will then say, well, what about Hillary? It's true that Hillary thinks she's Nixon, but she's not. She and Bill were bought and sold long, long ago, and - just as Bill found out Wall Street pulled his strings - Hillary will find she won't be able to cut the strings of the Troika.

Plus, the last person to try to take on the Deep State was JFK, and we all know how that turned out.

The Donald is not about to try anything like that. He'll do as he's told, a lot less eagerly than Hillary, but not as hesitant as Obama.  (And the co-caesarship of Cheney/Bush? Well, Cheney is just an appendage, the tendrils grown in so deep it is hard to tell now if a Dick Cheney ever even existed).

Oh, don't get too paranoid. The Deep State is not nearly as sinister or as modern as you think.

First of all, what is the Deep State? It is a daikaiju. Kaiju, Japanese for "strange beast" or monster, daikiju: Giant monster. The Japanese pegged us pretty well when they made Godzilla.

The Deep State is a Thing, a loosely aggregated, not always in sync, Swarm Thing. Its an It. Not a singular monolithic It, but an It just the same. It's purpose? Well, let me quote Tony Montana from Scarface:
"In this country, gotta make the money first. Then, when you get the money, you get the power. then, when you get the power, you get the women".
Well, that's almost right. But it's ass-backwards. Money isn't shit. Any idiot can make money. Money doesn't get you power. Money is honey. Power is the bees. Honey doesn't make more honey. Bees make honey. Control the bees, and you can make honey. And to control the bees, you control the queens. Queens are the power. Without women you got no self-replicating robots. Without self-replicating robots, you got no money to play with.

So, the purpose of the Deep State is to keep women, and thus men, under heel. The Deep State does it's best to keep people fearful, cynical and apathetic. Well, It has done a good job by me. I am fearful, and I am cynical. But I am not apathetic. If I were, I would write about It.

Thing about this Thing is, It has been around for so long we are used to It, even occasionally comforted by, and even profiting from It. Like farmers living next to Mount Vesuvius. So, let's drop the capitalization. That helps to be a little less fearful of it.

How old is the deep state? Well, depends upon whom you talk to.

Was WWII the dawn of the deep state? No, that was the dawn of American hubris - I think. It's true that the modern version of the deep state goes back to atomic weapons and the B-29, but the finance captured our government before then. WWI? J Pierpont Morgan and his cohort was already in control, so no.

How about post-Civil War? Getting a little closer. Certainly financiers were in control, and we could make a case for the dawn of the military/industrial complex. (Just not as specialized, for back then, captains of industry could easily swap between military and civilian purposing).

British Empire? America was, for the longest time, just the Western appendage of it.

Romans? After all, England is just Rome v3.7. But no. Sumer? Aleppo? Jericho? Gobleke Tepe?

The deep state, I'm going to argue, is at least 10,000 years old, and possibly older. What do I look for? Walls. Why, its obvious that even Gobleke Tepe, men already were quite familiar with placing stone upon stone.

You can find walls going back 20,000 years. I'll bet a lot older, but you got to go deep fishing for those artifacts. (Sea level being hundreds of feet lower than today back then).

But that's what I would look for. Walls. Funny thing about wall, they don't work. Oh, they kind of work in the short term, but you can't show the ruin of a city that didn't have a wall. And walls work both ways, for keeping things out and also for keeping things in.

Paradise, after all, means an enclosed park. Walled in. And the wall says, plenty of stuff inside for me, nothing for you. What do put in paradise? Women.  Boy, there's a reason to find a way to break walls.


  1. Silicon Valley is doing their damnedest to make their own bees.

  2. WTF was circulating in the aether yesterday? First, you drop this peculiar essay positing that Mr. Miracle has set himself the task of slaying the hypergamy monster - then - out of the blue - Dale kwestins whether by "global beta tests" I'm referring to livestock management of beta males and includes a quote that leads me back to this snarling lair of radical masculinity https://therationalmale.com/2015/04/27/obesity-culture/

    1. Can't speak for Dale. I think Trump supporters are hoping he will rescue them and restore representative government. Ah, HA-ha-ha-ha!

      Anyway I was busy destroying things all of yesterday and the day before.