Monday, February 17, 2014

This One Weird Amendment Can Stave Off Tyranny...

So, lately, every slippery little flipper-limbed jellyhead squirts out a stain over the 2nd amendment and gun rights.

Hey, you know I would like to see a poster of, all the time, for gun rights? The NRA should be required to use this poster:

You know who should be the patron saints of gun rights? Bobby Seale and Huey Newton. The NRA should pay monies for statues of them in front of their national headquarters. You want to see real Americans actually using real gun rights? I can't think of a better example. Not those doughy poodles that show up at teatard rallies. Those guys are just a fucking joke.

You know why they are a joke? The 1932 Bonus Army March. That's why they are a joke. Let me tell what would happen if teatards ever decided to "exercise their 2nd amendment option"? George S. Patton:

As in all military operations, information is vital. By the use of detectives, soldiers in civilian clothes, and friendly citizens, get all possible information about the condition within the city. In particular, locate on a map the position of public utilities, banks, commercial districts, residential districts, armories, sporting goods stores, and other places of importance. Also the general focal points of the disturbance and the names of the leaders. It may be desirable to fly over the city to become oriented. If fired upon while in the air, reply at once with small bombs and machine gun fire.

From the information secured, arrange your axis of approach so as to drive the mob into the poor quarter and away from vital areas.


The use of gas is paramount. It may be used by hand grenades with a range of 25 yards, rifle grenades with a range of 250 yards, or bombs and stokes mortars. While tear gas is effective, it should be backed up with vomiting gas.

Although white phosphorus is incendiary, it is useful in forming a screen for the attack of barricades and defended houses.

Next in order of importance come the saber, the bayonet, and the club. In the case of dismounted troops, do not close in on a mob with the bayonet or club if you are largely outnumbered. If the mob refuses to disperse, give them a fixed time, perhaps five minutes. Call the minutes so they can hear. If they are unheeding, lob some gas into the rear of the crowd at exactly the end of the period. If this fails to move them, open fire with one man per squad for a frontal attack while at the same time have men in houses shoot into the rear ranks selecting apparent leaders. Always fire for effect. Due to over shooting of the battle sight at short range, caution the men to fire at the knees of the crowd. If it is necessary to use machine guns, aim at their feet. If you must fire, DO A GOOD JOB. A few casualties become martyrs; a large number becomes an object lesson.

With mounted men even small numbers may charge with impunity with the saber. At first use the flat side, but if real resistance occurs, use the point and try for lethal effect near the belt line. Never allow a man to be pulled from his horse. If this happens, use pistols and give a GOOD lesson.

Artillery fire may be used against barricades or defended buildings or with shrapnel cut at zero to clear streets in really serious fighting.


In general, never halt, except to give warning with a time limit and act instantly at the end of the period specified. Never permit a mob to gain a success. Should they do so, make instant and vigorous reprisals. When a mob starts to move, keep it on the run but always leave it a line of retreat; a cornered rat will fight desperately, while on the other hand, movement to the rear engenders panic.

In an attack, move first against the flanks via side streets using cavalry. While this action is in progress, start a rear attack also with cavalry but don't push it home. Finally, make the frontal attack.

Tanks are useful against barricades or for forcing doors of houses but they must be closely supported by infantry as they can be rushed and destroyed by gasoline. Such a success encourages a mob.

Street Formations:

In moving to the scene of trouble, secure guides and avoid poor or disaffected quarters. Use security detachments with reduced distance.

As you get close to the enemy, send two squads along each side walk. The first man looks to the front, the second in file looks to the opposite side of the street. The third man is responsible for doors and windows on the first floor on his side of the street. The fourth man watches second story openings on the opposite side of the street. The remaining men watch upper stories and roofs on the opposite sides of the street. When reaching a cross street, look down the street and then get the leading squads across. When the main body arrives, send a squad down the side street one block to prevent flank fire while the main body is crossing. This squad rejoins the rear of the column, hence, should be detailed from the rear company.

If an enemy is met in a street, deploy completely across the street in close order and direct him to fall back, unless he is in equal or smaller numbers, in which case keep moving and use the bayonet to encourage his retreat. If they are running, a few good wounds in the buttocks will encourage them. If they resist, they must be killed.

As stated above, the frontal attack should follow flanking and rear operations.

If the enemy occupies a park or square, use normal methods of attack with emphasis on flanks and rear.

If he is barricaded, the effect of modern rifle fire is so great that he can usually be shot out of the barricade with direct fire, aided by gas and offensive grenades. In the face of very serious resistance, and lacking artillery, it may be necessary to use roof detachments paralleling the head of the column along the roofs. Firemen, if available, should accompany these detachments with ladders and breaching equipment. It may be necessary to fight down to the street through the houses on the flanks of the obstacle. In such operations, gas dropped down stair wells is effective.

In any operation keep a strongly formed reserve and if the need arises, use it ruthlessly.

On The Defensive:

When guarding buildings, mark a "DEAD" line and announce clearly that those who cross it will be killed. be sure to kill the first one who tries to cross it and to LEAVE HIM THERE to encourage the others."
Do you think any of those overweight slobbermouths stand a chance against the 21st century version of George S. Patton, especially now, when the civil police forces are so militarized and formidable, that they make the 1932 US Army forces look like a bunch of skinny little kids with squirt guns?

All this time, those in power have been shaking the keys known as "threat to the 2nd amendment", when they've pretty much left the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 8th in tatters. And it happened long before 9/11. Nixon started it with the War on Drugs. Reagan added to it. Both of them did their level best to destroy the 4th amendment.

Problem was, the people most affected by it weren't all those soft white poodles who are worried about "tyranny".

Interestingly, the one amendment that might prove the most valuable is the 3rd. Remember that one? That's the one everyone scratches their head over:
 "No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law."
As has been pointed out by some legal scholars, this is based upon the Castle Doctrine, a man's home is his castle. We're not a police state... yet. But it may be the symbolism behind the 3rd amendment that staves it off.


  1. Those yahoos have no concept of what the second amendment was about or for. I'd bet they can't even recite it properly.

  2. We just had a rally here in this small Texas town. All was well and good until the New Black Panther Party showed up to express their interests.

    1. Was this the one where the famously self-admitted pant-shitter Ted Nugent showed up for Greg Abbott?

    2. My understanding is members of the original Black Panther Party don't particularly view the new one in a kindly light.

    3. Did Derek Poe send the armed banana-suit kid to the rally?

  3. I'm betting George S. Patton would be sneering at the Ukraine's Yanukovich about now. Too little, too late: Kiev Crackdown