Thursday, February 20, 2014

"He say you Brade Runner"

I think it may be time to watch that movie again. I watch it about every four years or so. I especially like the concept art for the movie, which was done by Syd Mead:

Ain't it cool he's still around?

I'll give credit to everyone on the art staff that worked on Blade Runner, but the vision was solidly Syd's, and they did their darnedest to maintain the fidelity of that vision. I'm pretty sure I've bought some SF books purely on Syd's cover art. There's lots of people I am envious of that can draw so much better than I can, but, Syd, well, he's just slick as snot.

Check out his images.


  1. I had no idea whatsoever that me and my buddies primary preadolescent pastime drawing futuristic cars and other vehicles was inspired by Syd Mead. (of course with the onset of hormones, our inspiration shifted a bit more in the direction of Frank Frazetta)

    1. Oh, yeah, Frank. Another set of books that I bought solely on cover art. But then, when you get Howard's purple "his head split like a ripe melon" prose as the chewy center of that confection, it's a win/win.

    2. lol, I read Worms of the Earth this morning, for like the 20th time, but it had been years since I last done it. Visions of Atla the serpent were-witch out on the fens are still slithering around nekkid in my overripe head melon. Unlike King Bran, pretending to be all disgusted and whatnot, I would still be wearing that atavistic ophidian ass out.