Thursday, September 12, 2013

Machinerette Diptych

I decided to keep it simple for the wall mount. So, I cut some plywood up, drill a hole to accept a drywall screw, and then glued the boards to the back of the glass. Here they are setting up:

Here is the diptych mounted on the wall, in studio (florescent) light:

And under tungsten light:

Now I mail these suckers off and have only my backer eldest bro and nephew to deal with. They want "something special", and I have no idea what that would be. I think my nephew is submitting a drawing that I have to render.


  1. I like these. I'm planning a similar hanging set up for the botanica eroticas. Only they are smaller but much thicker than yours and I'm going to use a French cleat.

    1. French cleats will definitely work. And I'm glad you like. It's nice to have something solid that I like to fall back on. It encourages me to try alternative color schemes.

  2. These are wonderful. Poetic, witty, beautiful! What size are they?