Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Thing About Ladies' Shoes...

Quickly, as I have an appointment to get the stent out of my ureter at the urologist's office in about an hour's time. I'm told that I will feel so much better afterwards. I don't see how it could be any other way, after six weeks of Adventures in Peeing (the constant urge to pee, plus the pretty near crippling pain as the bladder tugs on the kidney via the stent at the end of a pee makes me ready to end this chapter of my life).

So, I've doing things AMA (against medical advice) anyway and stop when it hurts. I couldn't resist the free wall climb at the college yesterday. Climbing it made me realize just how out of shape I am. I mean, I was completely winded after abseiling down on the tether, which was a huge amount of fun.
Only 20 feet up, and it wiped me out!

(Years ago, I got kicked out of the rock climbing area of the fitness club one of my ex-s belonged to because I was having entirely too much fun climbing up and then just dropping down. "Sir! Sir! This is NOT a carnival ride!" the fitness instructor said to me, and I was banned from that area).

Then, later that night, I locked myself out of the studio and had to climb a wooden fence to get back in to the patio area. It took me two tries to hoist myself up and I barely made it over the seven foot fence. Jesus! What a wimp! My arms have turned into matchsticks, and I am looking forward to getting back into the gym!

Anyways, if my life was a stove top, there would be about twenty burners on it, and creating women's shoes, a sterling suggestion - certainly on on-ramp to the highway known as Success if played right - from UBJ that I consider creating women's shoes would be near the back row. Foolish yes probably, but also what the hell do I know about making shoes?

See, even after watching this, I still don't know how to make a shoe. Is that a plastic heel? Is it glued on? Do they make heels with internal steel spikes? I'm a bronze guy. Bronze may have incredible tensile strength, but it is also ductile. I think it would bend under wear and tear. Besides, why use my incredibly wasteful and relatively primitive foundry setup when I can purchase stainless pencil rod at a fraction of my cost. Sustainability goes hand and hand with profit motives, or should.

A lot of ugly shoes are made. Who is to say mine won't be among them? Better to get the design advice of people who wear and use the product, don't you think?

Part of a disciplined lifestyle is knowing your limitations. I am confronted on every side with my profound ignorance. If I happened to get the venture going, and managed to get some quality personnel and various style, production, marketing and managerial advice, who exactly would be learning more from whom?


  1. ta loco..., he didn't suggest you make shoes, rather, he suggested that some of your cast output could be manufactured for incorporation into other folks shoe designs....,

    1. ...oh. But I would still know how to put a heel on, right? So I would know how to shape it?

  2. I am unable to understand that what is the link between women shoes and the picture in the post? By the way is that place in the picture in UK??

    1. Things are not always related in my essays, try as I might to make sure that they are not (see blog title). The place in the picture is not in the UK. Stay thirsty, my friend.

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