Sunday, November 7, 2010

Let the Dipshittery Commence!

See the map? That's my version of the senatorial map of the United States of America. You will notice that the state of Kentucky is now a giant sucking black hole of uselessness now. Were you to fly across the country, Kentucky would still be there. Nice enough place from above. Green hills, green valleys. Maybe a little too many cows and cowshit retention ponds in the western part. But overall, pretty.

Drive on through, still there. Pretty drive, pretty country.

But in senatorial space, it's just a big empty now, with two empty useless suits representing the state. Two empty useless suits with nothing but acrid smoke and the stench of manure inhabiting them.

One, one of the best corporate lapdogs KY ever produced. A man who has never said no to taking it up the ass at the behest of his rich masters,  Mitch McConnell, cocksucker extraordinaire. A man whose vast, large, generous, grand sweeping vision for this country is to deny a President a second term, keep the depression going for ten more years, keep the honst decent hard-working people down and desperate, and so help the cocksucking rich steal, pillage, and rape every last worthy resource, asset and skill our country has within it. And he does good for KY in the process, or rather, the ruling class in KY. Oh, he will make noises about democracy and freedom, but he takes care of those that do not need taking care of first and foremost and fuck everyone else.

And why? Oh, he will be amply rewarded. His rich masters will take care of him, and the Party of Fuck You (formerly the party of Fuck You, I Got Mine) will take care of him. He's set. He's golden. Americans get the best government money can buy.

And now Mitch has a young apprentice. Rand Paul. Learning from the master. Oh, Paul makes noises about being a rebel, about a fresh approach, about a Tea Party tidal wave, but he talks the same stale old talk all career politicians do. Hypocritical parasite. Cocksucker in training. With Mitch's hand firmly up his ass. You can barely see Mitch's lips move when Rand talks, but move they do.

Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul

Want proof Rand has nothing new? Read this interview in a formerly great paper, now just a Murdochian rag. "Crazy reformer" they say. REBEL. Mav-er-rick. Wild and crazy guy!

He claims he will tackle defense and entitlement issues to reduce the budget. Yeah, well. We'll see.

How about his other insanely new ideas?

Cut spending.
Term limits.
Constitutional amendment to balance the budget.
"Read the Acts" bill.

All of these as stale and old as a stone-hard turd stuck in the constipated fossilized bowel of a once unhappy, now long extinct dinosaur.

No, not McConnell!

It was a metaphor! I'm talking the bills. Nothing new. Nothing even exciting and new. The same dumb shit I've heard for going on thirty years now.

And not particularly bright ideas either.

Term limits? They are called elections. That's why we have them. Besides, you would find the selection of candidates head towards the most cynical, vilest, venal, opportunistic bastards ready to sell their vote to the highest bidder - at least in the last term. Got to get their nut before they head to K street and lobbying! Got to suck a lot of cocks and build up favors! Pure dipshittery, this idea.

Balanced budget amendment. Uh, read up on consitutional law. It is a dangerous gimmick, not a solution. Anyone who proposes this is either fucking lying or ignorant.

"Read the Act"? Hey, you can't get even half the American people to take thitry minutes out of one day to VOTE! You think they will spend a few hours plowing through lawyerese to understand a bill being voted on in a few days. And if they do get through the language and don't like what they read, then what? Complain to their congressman, who is horse-trading votes on seven other bills No. This is again, just a bullshit gimmick to look democratic.

These are distractions, to take our limited attention spans off all the dipshittery.


  1. um, uh.... tell us how you really feel.

    I know--I'm still screaming at my TV. How can people be so stupid. The Republicans came right out with their "Agenda for America:" do the same shit Dubya and the Dark Prince did for 8 years that got into this mess. And they still wone congressional seats!?!? WTF???!!!???!!!???

  2. Did you notice how gas prices went up as soon as the people who won't complain to big business got elected...

    Too many people think they will eventually be part of the extremely rich...stupid people...