Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shameless Plug

I completely forgot. Another reason to write online journal entries is for self-promotion. So here we go.

I am a participant in the Rockford Art Museum's Midwestern Biennial. The show is opening January 22nd, 2010, and running through April 25th, 2010.

I have two entries in the show. The first entry is entitled "Hooke's Constant". The piece is made of wood, fabricated metal, glass, and springs. I made everything except for the springs.

Well, that's a a slight exaggeration. I did not make the metal, wood, or springs. I didn't even smelt the metal. Or grow the wood. Or wind the springs. I purchased all that stuff. But the glass is hand-blown. By me. And I did the bending and welding and stuff.

"Hooke's Constant" is a number representing the restoring force of a spring, which is directly related to the length it is stretched (within reason). The only physical quantity named after the English natural philosopher, robert Hooke. Hooke was a contemporary of Isaac Newton. A man of rather diminutive stature, he was nevertheless brimming with energy and occupied with countless pursuits and investigations into the natural world. A demonstrator for the Royal Society, he did much usher our world into modern times, and banished a great deal of nonsense and superstitious thought in the process.

The second piece is entitled "Sensoria". The busts are made of cast bronze and are mounted on a sheet of plate steel. The work is quite dense and heavy as sin. 

The piece originally was intended as something of an explanation for a series of works I did involving masked figures. Starting from the unaltered bust of a woman, each woman in the circle loses a sense. It was, at the time, a comment upon electronic remediation, but since no one seemed to understand that, I just shut up and let the piece stand on it's own.

Not really all that much more to say about this, I suppose. 


  1. Hey, congratulations on being in the show.

  2. Thanks! Let's just hope we don't have another blizzard opening night!