Thursday, January 14, 2010

...but enough about me...

You know, I'm trying to figure out why I'm writing an online journal. 

(And I just can't use the word "blog". I realize my not using the word will not eradicate it from the English language. It's a personal preference. To me, it's just a clunky and dorky word, infused with the insincere and insecure sincerity of breathless adolescence. I mean, even the original phrase "web log" is irritating. First of all, you have the out-of-fashion "web" as in"World Wide Web", as in "Helloo, 2010? 1994 wants it's phrase back". And then you have the word "log". Log? Who the fuck do you think you are? Captain Kirk on the Starship Enterprise? Here's a clue. You are just not that important, you cheese log!).

So, anyway, one of the reasons I write an online journal entry is to get out of work. The Internet, for me, has existed since 1995, and the Internet's primary purpose is to get out of doing things. Back when I had a real job, supporting laughable business software in soon-to-be-extinct billion-dollar Soviet-structured corporate dinosaurs, the Internet was there for me to waste an enormous amount of time. It wasn't just me. In retrospect, during the 1990s - to borrow from Winston Churchill - "Never had so many undeservedly earned so much money to waste so much time on so few accomplishments". Or something like that. This, dearies, is, to me, one aspect of the very essence of Capitalism - to earn as much money doing as little as possible. I think 2008 is ironclad proof.

Well, times change, and I'm a bit different now. I became obsolete "retired"  from the IT industry in 2001. If you've looked at my profile, you'll notice I list my profession as "sculptor". This is true. It is one of  the things I do, but occupying perhaps no more than a third of my waking hours. I earn, basically almost zero dollars in this pursuit. The largest amount of time I burn through, the part that allows me to eke out a living at pretty much Fourth World wages, is as Studio Technician at the community college where I work. 

Although a better job title would be "janitor/nanny", or "nanny/janitor", or maybe "nannitor", or perhaps "The Terminanny".

The nanny part actually only occurs when school is in session. The janitor part is ongoing. 

So that's what I'm doing today, and not just today, but pretty much every day that I've added an entry to this online journal. "Dear diary, today I fucked around - yet again!"

Well, I actually would like this journal to serve some type of purpose. I think I've tried, and may try harder, to be an edutainer in the service of Science. I think it was the late Walter Cronkite who said that "the only news that is really news is science news". I think, if he said it, that he was right. So there's that.

But honestly, Big, Big Fan that I am, even I get bored with some of the stuff. So maybe I should write about other stuff as well. Well, you know, they say "Write what you know". Well, I know me, but honestly, I'm pretty boring as well. But what the heck. We'll give a shot.

(Next: Things I've Done on The Internet - or - How to Communicate with Total Strangers From All Over the Planet, and Grow to Hate Them)  


  1. Well, I think you are pretty fucking entertaining. Or is that edutaining? You need a bigger following, but you have to follow and broadcast it to get that.

  2. I, uh, barely have time to write my own stuff, let alone follow others. I'll see what I can do.