Thursday, January 22, 2015

Finally Set Up A Website

and only twenty-five years behind the times!

It looks better on mobile. Here it is:


Tell me what you think. Criticism is welcome.

During the winter break, I said, this is ridiculous. I've bought time and space on a web host. I downloaded a CMS editing program. I should build a website during the break.

Not to say anything Joomla, because they said it is a sharp learning curve at first, but the program is extremely versatile for future use. It took me like a week, to figure it out, and I felt like a retard, and I had to made changes to the CSS style sheets and html code to get it to do what I wanted. I finally got the thin to look and behave like I wanted it to, but it just.. wasn't... worth it.

So, I ditched Joomla, and loaded up Wordpress. I had the website up within an hour.

Not saying it will do everything that a Joomla generated website could do, but I figured I wanted just the basics. So there you go.

And now I done with my site builder career.

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