Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Greetings From the Future

-and also from sculptureland. I could tell you the usual blather about work, work, new semester musical chairs, coming down with a cold, behind schedule and scrambling to catch up, yup all this is happening, but first, dig this expiration date found on a packet of frozen vegetables I have in my freezer:

May 2915? Way to preserve shit, Mexico!

Also I found out the stuff I wanted to submit for a show has a submission due date of February 1st. I need to take pictures of the finished bronzes, so I am compressing the process of wax-to-finished-bronze down to two weeks. I considered the fact that that actually doesn't put me under that much pressure, and so thought of procrastinating a week, but, no. Better to anticipate problems (which there will be because there always is), and so I have rigged up the pieces and am in the process of investing them:

First dip and stucco application

First dip and stucco application

First dip and stucco application

I'll probably be done investing them by Friday, and then burn them out on MLK day, and cast the bronzes as early as possible next week. Which gives me a week to finish and photograph.

I found a band called "Shpongle" that I listened to while working. It is electro-psychedelia stuff that allows me to get in the flow and work like a machine right through all the tedious stuff. I need to find more music like this.

I wonder if I'm displaying some kind of maturity in not procrastinating. But you know, I used to think I was a terrible procrastinator until I saw, well, pretty much everyone else. I don't think it is maturity. I think it is discipline. That's what you get being raised by a Navy man. Thanks, Dad.

Other things. I'm starting to think now (referring to the title of this essay), is that Obama's problem may be that he is from the Future. Well, no, he is from Hawaii. But if you think about it, Hawaii is kind of the future, maybe the whole Star Trek war-socialist future. Think about it .

The most geographically isolated spot on planet Earth has everyone there. (And by everyone, I mean every kind of person on Earth is there).

Pick the spot that is furthest away, the antipodes of Hawaii, which is the Kalahari desert in northern Botswana. Go to Hawaii, and you can find a Bushman someplace. Not only that, but that Bushman is probably married to a Sami. Hawaii has the highest percentage of mixed race children and couples of all states in the United States.

Hawaii also has a very generous federal budget, what with eleven military bases there. For most everyone there, Hawaii is a very pleasant place to live. The whole laid-back lifestyle is exemplified there. (Which makes me wonder, where do people from Hawaii go on vacation). For comparison purposes, how about Hawaii versus Florida? You know, Florida, where they just don't like black people, no sir ree.

So, given this relative paradise to be raised up in, is it any wonder Obama has problems dealing with all of us miserable shits out here in the primitive and paranoid world of the early 21st century? I'm thinking, yes, which explains so, so much.

Back to work!


  1. um, John, giving yourself only two weeks is procrastinating.

  2. I thought it was deadline minus deadline I think I can make minus one week = procrastinating.