Monday, October 28, 2013

The Tedium in Every Medium

This past Friday, I cast my stuff, with no one around, all by myself, and had a good time.

I got four pieces out. None seem to have any serious casting defects on them. All of them are mechanicules, so I am partially back in the game with those.

Here are some of the original waxes:

And here are the bronzes fresh from casting and most investment removed:

It sometimes takes a long time to get the ceramic investment off. About halfway through chiseling it off, I realized I could document this, and so made a movie. If you get bored, I hit my finger at around 7:19.


  1. I jumped straight to 7:19. For the entertaining part.

    1. Ah, ha,ha. But you know why I did this. People don't understand how much time and effort goes into making art. I figured, if I show them the boring pain-in-the-ass parts, they might get a clue. This video isn't interesting (unless maybe your'e stoned), and that's the point.