Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Little Asskickers

I am back to making figures. They won't be ready for this semester's bronze pour, which occurs on 11/9. I'm going to use some of the surface techniques and looks of the mechanicule series on these figures. Not really armor the way the mechanical creatures are, but more like upholstered armor? Protective organo-mechanical clothing? You'll see.

I made three two figures (one in progress) and then made silicone rubber molds of them so I could have copies. Here is the face coat applied, and the one is progress with various funny little things.

The silicone face coat is covered with thicker coat, which is a blue color, and then covered with a stiff mothermold made of fiberglass reinforced plaster. I got no pictures of that. So, any way, I got the mold done, and slushcast in wax some copies, and so I don't need the original, and I broke it up into pieces. And then, I decided to have fun with the broken up pieces and made a little video of the little legs, which was a stupid video, but it made me laugh. It gave me an idea. I wonder if women would wear high-heeled shoes if the heels were little legs?


  1. If I still wore high heels, I would DEFINTITELY wear some ass-kicking shoes with little legs for heels.

  2. Maybe, but it would be worth it!

    1. I'm thinking women's shoes, where the heels are a shapely pair of gams wearing high heels wouldn't work. The tiny little high heels would bend or break, even if they were steel.