Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kickstarter Rewards So Far

I've not done a very good job of essay writing these past two months. It's almost as if an alternate me is standing in a control booth and making that "stretch" motion with his fingers, advising me to pad out the performance while the next act gets ready. You know, real life getting in the way and all that.

But I've also been working on the Kickstarter rewards. Still working out the cost/reward structure and missing the end of February deadline, but getting closer.

Tentatively at the $25 level, is a porcelain pendant (I believe so far, 35 of them completed), and at the $50 dollar level, a bronze pendant (4 completed, with perhaps 25 in total):
About 1 /12" in size

Tentatively at the $100 level (may go higher) a bronze framed cast glass wall or table piece (only 3 available):
about 3" x 4" in size

That's it so far. Will continue cranking out more.

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