Thursday, March 21, 2013

Damaged Goods

I completed one prepped mechanicule shadow box. Remember in biology class, they had the prepared slides? Maybe you're too young for that. I don't know if they still do that. I remember getting prepped slides in a microscope kit I had as a child. I also had a chemistry set. You could buy the most dangerous chemicals at the dry goods store. Anyway...

That's what I was thinking of when I created this shadow box of a mechanicule. Cast glass, with an aluminum frame, in a formal wooden box:

Here's the deal. In the process of putting this box together, I dropped the cast glass piece. It shattered on the upper left corner, and a wedge of the bottom right corner broke clean. I was so angry, I couldn't curse properly. I sounded like "Shi-shuh-, fa-fe-fuh- Ga-gi-ga na- ki- gi- a- guh-". I was that angry.

Porcelain and Bronze Pendants
I only managed to do that to the Old Man maybe twice in my life. Yeah, that angry.

One of my student aides was in the room, absolutely petrified. I finally managed "GET OUT!". I think maybe I sobbed for about a second, and then carefully picked up all the pieces I could find. The shattered corner was a wash. The rest I managed to glue together. But I cant' sell this piece now. It's damaged goods.

Oh, maybe I can, but I have to point out that the glass is broken.

Other than that, I got all the Kickstarter rewards pretty much done.
I know the frame looks crooked. It isn't!

All I have to do is set up the banking deposit thingie with Amazon, put together a video, and I can gewt my proposal over to Kickstarter. What did I say it would be ready? End of Feburary? By St. Paddy's Day? Hmm. Maybe shoot for Memorial Day?


  1. yah, I hate when I stupidly damage my own work.

    1. "Stupid" being the operative phrase here.I desperately wanted to blame anyone but me on this one, but it wasn't going to go down that way, was it?