Saturday, May 21, 2016

Paleolithography and the Future Flood


I call you cousins because scientifically that's it how works out. Maybe before Toba we were unrelated, but sorry to say post-Toba, we are all cousins. I'm about as thrilled with the fact as you are.

Wait, turns out Toba is probably not responsible for humanity's near-extinction and subsequent inbreeding.

Mom did the mtDNA test to find out where all her mother's mothers came from. Turns out we're black.

Oh, true there was a detour up into Northern Europe, and so, even though we all, cousins, go back to African Eve, I have Ursula of the seven daughters of Eve as my great great times x grandma.

Haplogroup U, and actually U81a1a1a, which is primarily in Sweden. Now mom got a little upset to find out we are more Swedish than Norwegian, but no one else could get all that worked up over it.

Haplogroup U8 though, is fairly rare, and U is very old, probably the pioneers in Europe. The Basque are the most modern collection of haplogroup U, and U (as X) also made it across the Bering land bridge into the the Americas.

So, like Dad's family, we all followed just footsteps behind the glacial retreat into Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Want to find some evidence of our occupation? Get some scuba gear ro a submersible, because the artifacts are all hundreds meters below sea level. Might want to start with the Dogger bank, where fisherman still dredge up stone and bronze items.

Deep time gets me to thinking about the biblical flood for some reason. Biblical? Hell, universal. I know geologists don't like catastrophism, but oral history has a way of having an amazing fidelity, but no small grounding in fact. I'm thinking we pass down stories about the glacial melt surge that happened, say, 14,600 BCE.

And you know what I say? Expect another catastrophic Big Melt and Flood, and soon. I'm looking at you, Florida.

Reality is never what you expect it to be. That's how you know it's real. Same with apocalypses, by gum.

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  1. So, I'm Yamnaya on my mom's side. Yamnaya. "History's biggest weed dealers". You are welcome!