Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Yesterday was the third anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre. I don't think I want to talk about guns and gun use in America, but rather the PR battle over guns and gun use in America. There is a loose rumor going around the college that perhaps qualified instructors and personnel should be armed. Kind of tells you who is winning the battle. Considering I usually want to shoot someone in the face at least two or three times daily, I think I should perhaps exclude myself from that policy. And I consider myself a reasonably intelligent and steadily mature adult. Maybe I'll get a sword.

A couple of politically incorrect assertions:

1) Your average American is a tard. They can barely operate their own bodies, let alone anything beyond that. They are actually worse than tards. Consider that, H erectus, a million years ago, with an IQ of perhaps 60, an imbecile, domesticated fire. Do you think the average American can do that? Domesticate fire? I don't. Just for shits and giggles, I would like to perform an annual experiment called National Hammer Day, in which every American qualified to vote must go throughout the day equipped with a hammer, just to see how that goes.

2) Your average American is a #guntard, meaning that fewer and fewer Americans know how to use a weapon. (I know #guntard usually means someone who drools over and/or beats off to guns). So, the math would seem to be more guns = more tards with guns, which I would think is not a good thing. Viz: the archetype of Barney Fife, with a bullet in his pocket, and he is Law Enforcement!

3) Your average American is as well informed about everything as they are about guns, gun use, gun abuse, tards with guns, the trend of more tards with guns, and the consequences of same, but special interest groups, hoping to manipulate public perceptions, have made it as hard as possible to get good reliable data on this whole topic. Therefore, we are dazzled with bullshit. We are dazzled with bullshit on practically every subject, so this is not a surprise. As a result, the only reliable data, from statistics, is denied your average American, and he or she is forced to rely upon a steady diet of anecdote.

4) As a result, PR people are having a field day, but we must also remember that your average PR person is also a tard. Often a very-well-paid tard, which makes me question the existence of a loving personal God.

Witness, for example, the popularity of the term #gungrabber. I personally think this is a backfire meme*. The simpleminded idea of #gungrabber is to portray someone who wants to take away your gun. I don't get that impression. I get the impression of gun owners who are portrayed as powerless little infants, babies with candy in their hands. And these mean old gun grabbers just coming up and snatching the gun right out of their soft, weak, pudgy little hands. "Hey! Gimme back my gun you mean old #gungrabber! Why, if I had gun, I'd show you!" Gun owners as scared little bunnies with tiny little paws that can barely hold on to a gun, and they are stressed out, forced to worry about #gungrabbers lurking behind bushes going to snatch their little guns away. What a horrible life!

#Gungrabber implies bullies, and bullies require victims. So, if gun owners, even with the advantage of holding a gun, are 90-lb weaklings worried about getting sand kicked in their face, that kind of defeats the purpose of the carefully crafted image of gun owners as the only responsible, sober, mature adults in America.


  1. There, I've said, I've used it, that despised word 'meme'. But meme, to me, means a dumb fucking idea so fucking simplistic and stupid that your average dumb fucker can remember it long enough to repeat it. Meaning: perfect for the internet.

  2. gungrabber to me means guntards who grab a gun every time they get their little panties in a twist. and it wouldn't matter if the statistics were readily available. the average American is a product of our barely functioning public school system where you can graduate from high school and still not be able to read past a third grade level. and forget understanding and critical thinking.

  3. When I think about our dystopian future, I like to think in terms of untapped bidnis opportunities. Since the advent of leggings/jeggings/tights and boots, i.e., the Errol Flynn Robin Hood look for wimmin, I've been noodling around on the as-yet untapped opportunities existing for enterprising makers of buckles, clasps, straps and ornamentation for harnesses.

    The basic gist
    of the harness
    - but whether you go with thigh holsters, scabbards, cargo pockets, hydration packs on the harnesses themselves - there's a world of opportunity for those creatively minded about designing and mass-producing accessories that don't have a tactical/law-enforcement look and feel.

    sheeeeiiittt...., in addition to comfortable, flattering, modular harness hardware, somebody stands to make an absolute killing in functional high-fashion cloaks that drape and move just so.

    1. I've always like the look of tooled leather, and have seen motorcycle seats styled after fancy Western saddles. I'd investigate space age materials that can be made to look like tooled leather. While you are at it, you might want to see if a comfortable codpiece might be the way to go - given the increase in genital mutilations from that particular piece of real estate not being adequately covered. For that matter, fashionable comfortable body armor for the whole family. Batman/woman for dad and mom, stormtrooper/ninja turtle for the kiddies, cute armadillo plates for babies.