Thursday, November 19, 2015

Active Shooter Situation

So, we've a terrorist drill at the college today. I had to take a DHS class in preparation for this, which, as you might expect, was a circle jerk. I got a certificate of completion for that.

I have a little card in my wallet now, that says "Run Hide Fight". It explains what to do in an active shooter situation. "Active shooter" sounds kind of stupid, doesn't it? As opposed to what? Passive shooter? Well, I suppose you can have that, like a sniper in a clock tower. Active being someone in predator mode.

Of course, the drill isn't really real because everyone knows it is going to happen. I have thought about what to do, and since it is all situational, I'm going to do things which I would not have done prior to taking the class, so I suppose it wasn't a complete waste of time.

Like, for example, I've designated our kiln room as sanctuary because it is spacious, and there are two exits, and both doors lock automatically when closed. I'm also going to close and lock the tool cage in the woodshop because that has things that can jimmy doors open. I also plan on grabbing one of those things, a nice big crowbar.

As you can guess, I find the Run and Hide part distasteful, and contrary to my barbarian nature. I suppose, in some type of horseshit macho fantasy scenario that so many psychotic Americans run through, I will be fierce and victorious. And armed. But that's all horseshit, and anyone with a frontal lobe can see that.

Still, I am an animal, and as things go in the animal kingdom, not a small animal. There is something to be said for that.

In my dreams, I am a lot more cowardly than I am in real life. I often wake up ashamed of myself after a confrontation dream or nightmare.

But I have stepped up to the plate in real life. I think most people will. Not any kind of heroic scenario, mind you, but what is a hero anyway? Hero through Latin, front the Greek heros, protector. Well, that says to me, someone that can take care of themselves as well as someone else. Notice I said "can take care of themselves" first.

Self-sacrifice? Fuck that. I can't protect you if I'm out of the picture. Like swimmers that abandon drowners that try to drown them, a certain amount of selfishness is involved in this. Not surprising. It's never cut and dried.

Anyway, the drill is about to start, and I've got people to protect, even if it is just practice.


  1. yah, the first thing we learned in wilderness advanced first aid was to not rush in and get your stupid self injured or killed as well but to assess the situation before doing anything.

    1. We had one selfish old lady - perhaps a Ayn Rand relative - close the door on us before we had herded everyone into the safe room. I told her she was responsible for a pile of dead bodies outside the door.