Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Jade Helm 15!!!!!11!eleventy!

Oh, it's ON!

Iranian troops have done invaded West Texas. Pretty sure about that.

The just look like US Army or maybe Special OPs. But you cain't fool me. Obama done just signed a deal with Iran. That deal, and him stomping' all over the Constitution, pushin' his powers to the max. It's just totally anti-US! Infowars Alex Jones said so!

And him being a black feller? That don't help. And I'm not being racist. Je's saying' is all!

So, I'm a gonna bury ever gun I own, jes in case they try to take 'em away!


Okay, I'm ready for 'em! I done buried 'em all my firearms about 40 feet down, along with 20,000 rounds of ammo. Can't tell you where in the yard. But it's not under that fresh pile of dirt!

Hopefully I won't need them when the gun grabbers git rough.

Funny thing about that phrase gun grabber. It sounds like it's just really easy to take that gun away.

Really easy.

They just grab it right out of your hand. It's like, what the hells the point of having the gun if they just grab it right out of your hand?

I mean, maybe they hire magicians. The close-up artist magicians. Like Penn and Teller.

They go "Is this your card?", and next thing you know, that gun that was safely nestled in my palm? It's gone!

How'd you do that?

Anyways, all this fear is working out for me. I got a lot of room in my skull now what with this constant fear shrinking my brain some. I got room for maybe another brain now. That'll help.

From Christoval, TX.

Yours in the Loving Heart of Christ,

Tate "C" Bigelow


  1. And when there is no attempted take over of Texas the open carry nuts will strut around claiming they protected us.

    1. Yes, and that's one of the reasons why I love Texas. You guys is another.