Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I Done A Stupid Thing, And It Was Fun

Clouds stampede the sky
Rain comes down like horse's hooves
A rain horse running

Yesterday morning, we had a freight train of cloudbursts roll through the area. Torrential rain would be a mild descriptive. I drove the ring road around campus, and got to the low spot, which is next to the reservoir. Water covered the road, but I drove ahead. It was deeper than I thought. At one point, I could feel the tires start to lift as I hydroplaned, so I just gunned it and hoped for the best.

I got through, although the climb out of the low spot was like driving up a river. Once I got through it all, I laughed like an idiot. That was a very stupid thing to do.

At least the underside of my car is clean.


  1. lol, it became fun once you made it to the other side. We're experiencing the same storm system here, (have been for the past couple weeks). Two weeks ago, I took a little morning junket. I drive a very low-slung hybrid and was making my way north on brookside blvd when all heaven broke loose. It came down so hard and overflowed the sewer so dramatically that the only thing visible on the road were the unbroken yellow lines in the exact center and water was spouting several feet up in the air like little geysers from manholes.

    Cars in front of and behind me on either side were stalled out in the right hand lane, including a MAX bus that had hydroplaned across the road. Me, I got right smack dab on those double yellow lines in the center of the road and crept to the first available uphill side street and then did what you did and gunned it across the deep water on the road hoping to make it to the other side. I too made it to the other side and got tickled in relief to not be stalled out with god only knows how much $$$ damage from flooded out lithium ion sitting in the undercarriage.

    1. It's the little victories that make it worthwhile!

  2. we went to visit a friend who lives near the Blanco River. the directions had us crossing a low water bridge and as it happened, the river was up and flowing across the bridge. we did cross it (stupid) but I was a little freaked out because you could feel the water trying to push us along and off the bridge. did not think it was fun though after and when we left we left by a different way out.