Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hitler's Meth Recipe

(I just liked that phrase and threw it in as a title. maybe it could be death metal band).

Briefly randomized:

If it isn't already, education will soon be put on a war footing. Why?

1) It's already monetized and commodified, how hard is it to weaponize?
2) Governments are noticing who goes where for higher education. They would prefer they not go to places where they don't come back from.
3) The most weaponizable system is the human brain. Easy to turn, hard to change.
4) Until they come up with HAL9000 and worker robots, those food-powered robots is from where they are going to get all the labor and ingenuity.

So what about drones?  Drones are the new dogs. Actually, once they get slightly more sophisticated, drones are the new domesticated animals.

I notice they are gearing up for the next long range bomber. When the aerospace companies talk about it? It's not just one bomber, or a suite of planes, but a 'system', or an 'ecosystem' that allows for flexible missions. (This also applies to naval weapons).

As such, fleets of these craft, whether they are manned or unmanned or a mix, will be a menagerie of craft. Did I say menagerie? Try a flying circus, literally a flying circus. And when things get bad? Send in the clowns. They expendable, and they distract folks. 

Medicine suggests a new class of drugs called senolytics are around the corner, which will allow people to live long and prosper. You know what will happen? The rich become immortal and fuck the poor. And once the rich are immortal, we will live in a world of gods and brain-dead zombies

Or maybe all this stuff just applies to mice and we have nothing to worry about. But if not, then that's a nightmare world. Fuck that. I'd sooner drop the Bomb than live in that world.

California is in the midst of a 1,000 year drought. The American West better get ready for that 100,000 year drought. It's on its way.

On a happier note, anyone interested in the show I got in at Harper College and look at harpercollege.edu/smallworks. The pictures are in a window over to the right of the screen.

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