Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Grilling Saturn

Ceres is poised to become a world in March. A dwarf world, but a world nonetheless. Pluto and it's moons will become a living menagerie in July. After that, I'm willing to bet New Horizons provides evidence that there are thousands of carbon-rich icy worlds out in the Kuiper Belt. Thousands. I'll bet serious money on that, and win.
image courtesy solarviews.com

Irony, all that gas and oil and only a few billions of miles drive to get it all.

Evidence for an incredible cornucopia of worlds not yet seen beyond Neptune keeps on piling up. Evidence for carbon richness falls mainly on the weird little interloper moon of Phoebe orbiting Saturn. Phoebe is without a doubt in my mind a captured moon from the Kuiper belt.

And can you believe that Cassini has been in the neighborhood of Saturn for a decade now?

Speaking of Saturn, I found a really weird icon on a unisex bathroom door. It' supposed to indicate a baby changing station, but it looks more to me like either a coroner is examining a dwarf's corpse, or a man is BBQing Saturn on the grill.

Weird. Hey, also, more little ceramic thingies for.. stuff.


  1. alembics for "stuff" are cute. kwestin though, little alembics and kidney beans make me wonder when the last time you had a stem-to-stern urological assessment?

    1. Oh, you know the old punch line. "The doctor says you gonna die".

      More later.

  2. Ceres and the Pluto system prove their are no dead worlds. Only lifeless ones.