Wednesday, September 24, 2014

(Temporary) Good News For Food-Powered Robots

Grain and cereal staples are having another bumper crop. Corn and soya bean (soya bean, that's so cute) yields are out the roof. Good news for you starch and meat eaters (and yes, I have been experiencing sticker shock in my meat buying), not to mention you high fructose corn syrup sugary drink and candy consumer types. Bad news for food rioters.

Problem is, I prefer other things. Coffee, chocolate, herbs, spices*

This past summer, I got hold of some farm stand blueberries from Michigan. They were superb. Later, I had some really tiny, super-sweet strawberries we call Louisiana strawberries. After that, I had a hankering for some more. I bought blueberries grown in California and Florida, and I might as well have been eating plastic. Ditto the supermarket strawberries.

This is why, I think I have decided to become a fan of Slow Food. Slow food should be more properly called Endangered Food. I know the Food Movement has been around for awhile, most prominently cheered on by the likes of Michael Pollan, and I think it is time we recognize that cheap food - industrial food - is not cheap at all. And it pretty much sucks.

*Basically almost everything on my "Things I Will Miss After The Apocalypse" list, which I saw on a planting table in a dream I had wherein I had built a greenhouse in Iceland. I grew cocoa trees in it, and other fun things and their were birds of many colors living among the plants. A Dutch guy in a pilgrim suit invaded the greenhouse, broke the glass, let in the cold glacial winds, and he clubbed the last remaining dodo to death. Huh.


  1. glutenoids and grainbrains have a little longer before the ebola takes them....,

    1. Tragically, I think chocolate prices are about the only way people in America will finally notice Ebola.