Monday, May 6, 2013

The NRA Wants You to LIKE Eating That Doo-doo Sandwich!

Wayne LaPierre, or as I've been calling him, Million Dollar Whore, is worried that universal background checks would result in national gun registry that in turn would ease confiscation of your firearms by the government. Mr. LaPierre is not stupid, but he's betting that your average American  - waving that gun in the air like a glorified chimp with a tree branch - is stupid. I say that because of the line of shit he and his have been handing out during the NRA convention down in Houston.
Separated at birth?

Why do I say it is a line of shit? Because, dearies, a national gun registry already exists.

It's called your customer history, and the massive amount of data contained within the Retail Industrial Complex has the goods on all you red-blooded American consumers. Worst of all, you volunteered it all, dumbasses. And what information RIC doesn't have, can be easily teased out and extrapolated from all the Big Data the commercial establishments of private enterprise have gleaned from you.

Honestly, when you think of the medieval standards, pre-industrial conceptions, that went into setting  up the Federal government, how knowingly inefficient it is even without the encumbering bureaucracy piled high on top of the organization, should you really worry all that much about tyranny?

Forget the argument about how you with your semi-automatic hunting rifle are slightly out-gunned by your government (of, by, and for the people) with its tanks, and warplanes, and nukes, and who knows what else. Gun? Bombs? How quaint! How refreshingly 18th century? If the government wants to, your assets can be frozen, credit history destroyed, police records created or tampered with, unsavory stories made up about you, and really that's a government that is not particularly all that well organized, and so relies quite on private enterprise (when private enterprise knows everything about you already, and all a particular governmental agency need do is pay them for, or officially request, information)?

Because, let's face it, dearies, you have been thoroughly milked, udders tugged dry, of every bit of personal information you possess by the credit agencies, banks, retail establishments, you name it.

"Ah, well, wait!" you say. "Gun shows!" True, most weapons obtained by criminals are purchased at gun shows, and most weapons there are paid for with cash or barter. But think on that. Would these be the gun shows that are regular and recurrent events, promoted, well-advertised, with the same licensed retail and unlicensed vendors appearing there almost every single time? Would these be the gun shows where you buy not only guns, but all the useless ancillary merchandise that orbits the purchase of firearms? Would this be the gun shows where dealers encourage you to get on their mailing lists for future bargains and super-buys? So OF COURSE they all know all about your guns, and your ammo, and everything else about you, you stupid idiots!

Geez, maybe Wayne LaPierre is onto something here. It would explain a lot!


  1. ah well, gun shows and gun vendors are soon to be a thing of the past because now we have 3-D printers. And what, you may ask, are they printing? What the hell do you think...guns. Plastic guns that don't set off metal detectors. boy are we in for the fun now.

    1. But your average Libertarian will tell you the well-behaved, self-policing, well-to-do are more likely to have the resources to print those guns, or buy those printed guns, and use them wisely, and so at the very least, they'll just be better armed than the non-3D-printer crowd. See? Survival of the fittest (so long as they don't notice how lucrative it is to sell printed guns to criminals).