Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"How's That Taxey Cutty Stuff Workin' Out for Ya?"

June 7, 2011 is the tenth anniversary of the Bush tax cuts. How's that goin' fer ya? Huh? Sarah? Palin? Dumb bitch? Yah, hey dare!


So, the latest Republican dipshit, Tim Pawlenty, just can't seem to get enough of those tax cuts. His version of conservative unicorn donut shit is even more of the early 80's/asshole Steve Forbes/Jack Kemp/flat tax/trickle down magical thinking that has served our American economy so well these past thirty years. Pawlenty calls for even more tax cuts, more belt tightening for the poor and middle class, more perquisites and subsidies for the rich, and this will result somehow in a job creating high growth economy like what the Bush tax cuts have given us for these past ten years. Oh, yah!

Honestly, is there a window these fuckers can look out of? Because they seem to be getting all of their information about things outside of their tiny little heads through a fucking crystal ball or magic mirror or something.

How have those Bush tax cuts worked out for all of us over the past ten years?

  • Well, let's see, the worst performance of a US economy since the end of WWII. 
  • Job creation? A net negative. (Why yes, I am including the Great Recession in the numbers, and why not?)
  • Debt creation. At least $2.6 trillion in lost revenue (50% of the total debt accrued in that time).
  • Unnecessary added interest on the debt: $400 billion
  • Additional interest on the debt this year due to the tax cuts: $50 billion
  • Making the tax cuts permanent: From 2012-2021, pile on an additional $4.6 trillion to the debt
  • Making the tax cuts permanent in future decreased revenue: $423 billion, so change that $4.6 to $5 trillion of new debt over the 2012-2021 period

I'm not even going to talk about income and wealth inequality that the tax cuts have created. That's only accelerated the trends of the neo-liberal revolution over the past thirty years. Rose petals for the hundred millionaires and up crowd, and the rest of that thorny rose bush shove up your particulars for the rest of us.

One things is for sure. Want to get rid of the debt??? How about 3% growth a year? Tax revenues from that will at least stabilize things, maybe even drive the debt down. Revoking the Bush tax cuts: wiping out the debt. That would be nice. And we still get to keep all of the "entitlements" that we have all been paying for all of these decades.

So, House Republicans, how about some jobs, fuckers? No ideas? Same old bullshit? Thought so.

So, when is the hallucinogenic meth crank ball that the Republicans are snorting, when is that going to wear off? When will the Republicans be finally happy?

When the American economy is in a complete shambles? When our ankles have all been broken with a sledge hammer, and we are permanently bed ridden like in that Steven King movie? When every single worthwhile industry has finally left the North American continent?

When there is only one trillionaire left? And everyone else is pushing shopping carts around mumbling to themselves?

I guess.

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