Friday, May 1, 2015

An American Socialist

I cannot, in good conscience, vote for Hillary Clinton. And there is no way I could vote for any of the  vicious rubes and obtuse jellyheads clambering onto the Republican short bus.

So, I just supposed that my vote would go to the presidential candidate that has won EVERY contest since 1960, None Of The Above.

Fortunately, Bernie Sanders threw his hat in the ring.

I like Bernie. like his record. I like his style, and I like his principles. I like that he stands up for the pesky citizen, and not the vast cool and unsympathetic aggregate intelligences that would just as soon get rid of the pesky citizens -- once the robots are perfected.

I don't expect Bernie to win. I do expect him to make Hillary shift left.

Because let's face it, people, if the US ship of state lists any further to starboard, we capsize just like the Eastland, which had higher death toll than the Titanic. (And hey, what do you know, in July will be the 100th anniversary).

So, a few things I would like to see on the platform. Let me give you my pitch. Let's say you are in favor of a strong defense and military. Okay, well, a strong defenses starts with a strong people. You need a populace that is both healthy and well educated. Those sophisticated weapons do not design and build themselves. People build them. People operate them. Would you prefer stunted, dull yokels building and manning those weapon systems? I'm betting not.

You therefore should be behind a comprehensive system of education, childcare, and healthcare that tries to bring every person the opportunity to perform to their local optimum. So, if you are ready to give monies to defense, you sure as hell better be ready to give ten times that money to health, education, and welfare.

So, my proposal is threefold: universal healthcare (single payer), free education (performance based), and a student debt jubilee.

Student debt jubilee? Why not? Let the taxpayers take a haircut on this. It's only 1.2 trillion, and it would make the economy a nice one time booster, making it shoot up like a rocket. Besides, taxpayers, you shelled out 29 trillion to the cocksucking banksters, and haven't seen any real prosperity from that fiasco. You won't help out the students? I would.

What else? I'll think of more. But, I agree with Taibbi: Give 'em hell Bernie.


  1. vicious rubes and obtuse jellyheads clambering onto the Republican short bus. lol@poetry...,

    But now I'm jones-ing for something equally artful to describe sistah soldyah, especially since Krugman has pulled out all the "pay no attention to the harridan behind the curtain" stops on her behalf.

    1. You're doing a fine job hammering that nail.